Marray Website Design Galway

Marray Design is a Website design Company based in Galway City. We specialise in websites for small and medium size businesses. We design our websites based on 6 key principles

  • User Friendly - For both the website owner and customer
  • Visually Attractive-Your website should give a good impression of your business
  • Easily found- We ensure your website is found in search engine results which is essential for success
  • Results driven- We believe a website is an essential business tool but it must achieve what you want it to. We will work with you to achieve this.
  • Integration of the latest technology- We believe in harnessing technology effectively. Common applications including using video and interactive maps on your website.
  • Cost effective- Websites do not have to break the bank. Once you have a clear picture what you need we can put a cost effective package in place.

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